Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fryeburg Fair 2014

As usual, it was fairly challenging to get ready for the Fryeburg on the heels of Common Ground Fair …production of  kits (print instructions, draw, assemble, and count). ....organizing and loading the trailer went well with 4 of us working on it.  We were ready to roll mid afternoon on Thursday including Diva and Delilah in the back of the new truck.   It was late evening and dark when we had finally unloaded onto the porch of the Fiber building at the fair and tucked the lambs in for the night. Mary Ann and Julie headed home and Torey and I went to sleep in the trailer.


Friday was beautiful weather. Torey was in charge of sales and the I-pad.  She made special Halloween designs for the kids to needle felt..a ghost, pumpkin, and bats.  

 We featured some new Holiday Ornaments, cut outs of a sheep, Santa panda and a Christmas tree, complete with a ribbon for hanging on the tree.  Great stocking stuffers.

 Five kids promptly and excitedly chose their colors and made their own Halloween decorations. It was a hit!


 Marty set about dying roving for Thyme Tiles using the camp stove, crockpots and Cushings dyes. 

Angel's yarn was pre- mordented with alum and cream of tarter then dyed with goldenrod, onion skins, marigolds, and amaraynth for some deep yellows. Half barrels held natural dyed yarns with indigo, onion skins, marigolds, and amaraynth. Brazil wood turned out a lovely deep orange.  I found out later that crushed tums (calcium carbonate) would make it redder.  I will try it soon.

Two scarves went into the pots…one with royal blue over gray, red and peacock.  The other Brazilwood over off white and pink, yellow, and blue stripes.  Silk went into the pots also.

Knitted items for sale included Priscilla’s linen stitch hat, cowl, and fingerless mitts, two lovely shawlette’s made by Cheryl, and more.    Kits for knitting include the infamous angora lined hats and Cheryl’s felted slippers and kits.  

Marty's Marvelous Mix of 3 skeins of color coordinated yarn with a free pattern are new.

Friday night was wandering about, food, rabbits, alpaca, llamas, and gypsy wagons ending with grand fireworks. 

Saturday was a drizzling rain most all day.  Sales were still good, and dyeing went well. By the end of the day the freshly dyed roving was piled high on the table on the porch.

Displaying IMG_1861.JPGBy Sunday am we were running out of Starter Needle Felting kits, and around noon Mary Ann and Julie arrived with more.                                                                                                                                                   Mary Ann helped with the indigo vat was made and white and natural gray skeins were dyed for lovely blues and bright yellows from plants were overdyed making some lovely greens.

We made record time packing up and soon enough headed for home, put the lambs in the barn for the night, and went to bed.  Monday was a slower pace.  Julie did well putting the store back together. We hung the wet yarn to dry, and reorganized the bins of Thyme tiles.  Thanks to everyone for working together, Thanks to Torey for explaining/showing people how to needle felt, and for her valuable tech support.   Thanks to every one who shopped with us.  We appreciate your good energy, positive feedback, and support of our small diversified farm.

Our next show will be in Massachusetts at the New England Fiber Festival.

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